Data-driven Employee Scoring & Scenario Builder

Leverage continuous, real-time scoring to assess potential, predict flight risks, and identify future leaders. See outcomes and impacts before making decisions.

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Why rely on biased, outdated data for talent decisions and planning?

Inaccurate employee reviews lead to critical errors in executive decisions on promotions, layoffs, and reorganizations.

  • 74%*

    of employees have their potential and strengths unknown to leadership

  • 82%*

    of employees feel their managers are biased during reviews

  • 77%*

    of HR leaders find annual reviews inaccurate

  • 82%

    of executives make flawed talent decisions based on manager views, often influenced by reviews

Here’s how Graphio makes it work:

Graphio helps Executives, HR professionals, and employees synergize better through continuous data-driven scoring


We pull only “event-level” actions and outcomes data with no access to content and "body" data, ensuring privacy



Graphio offers compliance options tailored to your company's rules and legal demands, with optional AI scoring, flight risk insights, and performance scores. We provide dozens of customizable rules to meet your specific requirements.



We delete all data, leaving only conclusions and metadata.



By highlighting top performers, you train our ML to identify talent that aligns with your corporate culture. This introduces a positive bias, as the ideal candidate for one company may not be the same for another.



Individual events are insignificant, but crucial for accuracy when assessed together, based on historical changes and outcomes.



By comparing employees, we identify patterns to predict future leaders, burnout, and ideal role matches.



Summarized data from previous steps reveals potential, ROI, performance, engagement, influence, and flight risk.


“What If” scenarios

Insights provide suggestions on promotions, best role match, reorgs, and their consequences.


Security and Privacy

We prioritize your security and privacy by processing only event-level data without accessing privacy-related or content data.

Graphio offers flexibility: use it as SaaS, on-premises, or with a hybrid option where data is hosted separately, providing full control.

graphio slack bot

GraphBot for Slack and Teams helps you grow

Employees get a benchmark and reviews-driven bot within Teams or Slack, guiding their daily professional growth.

Our bot offers continuous feedback and guidance, helping employees identify strengths, find mentors, and improve.

  • 3x*

    Daily feedback boosts engagement 3x more than annual feedback

  • 43%*

    of highly engaged employees receive weekly feedback

  • 87%*

    Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave

Business Cases

Graphio converts data into concise business cases, forecasting flight risk, pinpointing rising stars, and highlighting those who positively or negatively influence your company.

  • Superstars in Trouble

    Identify top performers at high risk of leaving based on their contribution and engagement.

  • Energizer Bunnies

    Identify employees who show consistent extra effort and high engagement.

  • Money-Making Heroes

    Recognize employees who significantly boost company revenue through performance or sales.

  • Informal Leaders

    Identify non-managers who lead positively and foster team collaboration.

  • Managerial Struggles

    Identify managers negatively impacting morale, productivity, or retention.

  • Quality Pitfalls

    Identify employees with subpar work quality, impacting team performance.

  • Future Leaders

    Identify future leaders among employees demonstrating leadership potential.

Data sources list

Our Data Sources and Metrics

Graphio uses diverse data sources for comprehensive insights, continuously analyzing data with benchmarks and dynamic principles to assess historical trends and compare employees accurately.

Key Metrics:
  • Potential
  • Flight Risk
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Influence
  • Rising Star
Key Metrics:
  • Potential
  • Flight Risk
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Influence
  • Rising Star